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Ultra Racing Australia

When URA came to us they had a HTML website with SKU codes, you had to e-mail them manually what parts you wanted to get quotes.

As we previously owned SKREEM.COM.AU we were well-equipped for the Australian automotive performance parts market. Ultra Racing did most of their promoting through car shows and web forums so they did not request any SEO, SEA or landing page work. We initially setup the website using OpenCart, this was good for about 5 years until the internet changed drastically, with HTML5 and newer versions of PHP; a lot of the external modules necessary to run a shopping cart slowly began to malfunction.

By 2020 Ultra Racing Australia was ready for its overhaul. Switching to WooCommerce allowed for a smooth transition into an actual website rather than a sole-focus on shopping. The new design relied less on the larger slideshow and more on the product categories.

  • Date

    August 26, 2010

  • Client

    Luis R.

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