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Back when I ran the online performance accessory store SKREEM.COM.AU (Skreem Performance). I based a lot of the products around my own vehicle, my Mazda MX-5 NB (2001). As an NB8B it was the VVT variation of the standard BP 1.8L. So unlike the older shape (pre-facelift) models this one had higher compression making turbo a little-more dangerous but with a much better kick (and hey… 6 gears really help!). This car was what I used to transition from my P2 to my fulls hence the turbocharge application.

The MX55KK project was basically an SE with all the SP power.

Modifications (from memory)

  • Angel eyes (Oracle)
  • SE Front lip kit
  • Front air splitter
  • SKREEM MX-5 Air intake (pre-turbo)
  • RX-7 differential (standard)
  • Port & polished head (pre-turbo)
  • Bee-R rev limiter (2 step) (pre-turbo)
  • Mazda MX-5 SE Wheels
  • T2 Turbocharger
  • Custom intercooler and piping
  • Big brake kit (front only)
  • Shadow Racing boost gauge
  • HALTECH Performance ECU
  • Mick’s Motorsport Tuning (DYNO)
  • Date

    November 1, 2012