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Direct Method Turkey

In Turkey there were very few other English teaching methods that focused solely on speaking strategy. As the director of Biz English I decided to deligate myself to the task of innovating a new strategy, taking from what we have now and taking it above & beyond.

The Direct Method is a repetition based vocabulary builder. We begin with repeating questions & answers, then deducting particular variable words from the answers and expecting the student(s) to fill them in. This allows the student to get a grasp of what needs to be said no matter what & what words are variable. This progress through to basic grammar, keeping in mind we teach the grammar after-the-fact they’re able to use it in a sentence.

The book cover had been re-designed 3 years back-to-back. We’ve now settled on this final design and are planning to only make various tweaks to the cover pages to keep them looking trendy. The content of the book is constantly updated.

The Direct Method has recently been complimented with its own line of Biz Professionals (Business jargon orientated version) books. These books will be used to teach / train person(s) whom already speak English as a second language but want to further improve their skills in copywriting, text & verbal communcation, sales & management.

  • Date

    October 10, 2017

  • Client

    Biz English

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