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Boutique English

Istanbul’s answer to Biz English. Offering one on one private lessons to adults, businessmen & women, children, students and businesses of all kind. Istanbul brought in exam-based English teaching on top of the renown Direct Method for practical-lessons. In addition to this they previously taught using other methods and had their website developed by someone else.

Boutique English’s business cards, graphics, videos and various other content were all newly re-designed in 2015. The logo was optimized but not drastically changed from its previous design due to the pre-registered patent.

This website has been divided into subdomains (per branch) and is utilizing wildcard-SSL technology. The purpose of the subdomain division by branch was to ensure local marketing strategies were effective, it allowed us to analyze who went where, as all 4 branches were located in the same country at the time, SEO analysis software would often be disgruntled when trying to distinguish who needed to go where.

  • Date

    June 29, 2015

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    Web Design,

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